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Seattle Macbook Recycling
Seattle Macbook Recycling
Seattle Macbook Recycling Pics

Computer Recycling in Seattle Pleae Help Us Recycle This Stuff


Seattle Macbook Recycling - Mac Computer And Laptop Recycling
Provided by Seattle Laptop Inc.


Seattle Macbook Recycling is offered by Seattle Laptop. We will always do all we can to repair for re-use all Macbooks left for recycling. Every Macbook we can repair or make useable for someone is one less that needs to be manufactured, and shipped from China. We will in many cases use parts from multiple Macbooks to assemble one functional machine for resale. Our goal is to use every single part of every Macbook recycled to make working Macbooks, or repair broken ones. All parts that are left over that can not be repaired or reused are given to an e-waste scrap dealer for the raw materials to be recycled. What we do here is by far the most responsible use of broken, older, or unneeded Macbooks.

We are committed to reducing e-waste as much as possible, and our recycling of Macbooks is great for the environment! Seattle Macbook Recycling understands the threat of global warming, and refurbishing Macbooks for re-use means fewer new laptops need to be manufactured, and then shipped, and this is the absolute best thing there is for reducing carbon emissions.

Call Seattle Macbook Recycling by Seattle Laptop if you have any questions about our recycling program. Our number is 206-784-4215. We are open for recycling computers and laptops 7 days a week at our Aurora location. We also recycle other types of e-waste too!





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